Age of Innocence


All of the tracks are from my upcoming musical The Age of Innocence (book and lyrics by Craig Fols). Andrew Samonsky sings Newland; Amy Justman sings Ellen. I play piano.





After being educated and raised in Europe, Ellen Olenska has left her husband, the domineering Count Olenska, to return to her native New York. She is taken in by her American relatives, but her separated status has designated her as persona non grata amongst the New York elite. On reacquainting with her childhood friend, Newland Archer, she reveals her hopes and misgivings to him, embracing the uncertainty of the road ahead.




Over the course of Act I, while concurrently going forward with plans to marry May Welland, a darling of New York's high society, Newland has grown more interested in and emotionally involved with Ellen. He finally confronts Ellen to reveal the extent of his feelings for her.





25 years after the abrupt ending of his relationship with Ellen, Newland Archer has returned to Paris in this last scene, waiting underneath her window, trying to decide whether he'll go up and visit her.



About Craig Fols


CRAIG FOLS is an actor, director, and playwright. As an actor, he is best known for originating roles off-Broadway, most notably Kenneth Halliwell in Lanie Robertson’s drama NASTY LITTLE SECRETS at Primary Stages, and the Hero in the long running comedy spoof THE MUSICAL OF MUSICALS at the York Theatre (Original Cast Album, Jay Records.) As a director, he has worked regionally at The American Heartland Theater, Kansas City (NOBODY LONESOME FOR ME), as well as at The Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, where he directed his re-interpretation of THE MUSICAL OF MUSICALS, this time playing the Villain. His first play, BUCK SIMPLE, was published in THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT PLAYS anthology, after being performed at various New York venues including La Mama E.T.C. The Club. His short plays have been presented at The Williamstown Theatre Festival and in schools and theatres across the U.S., and are published in the Random House anthologies UNDER THIRTY and TAKE TEN II. He is an alumni of The BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, where he won the Harrington Award for his work on AGE OF INNOCENCE.





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